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3 Beauty Industry Hacks For Personalising Your Email Strategy

When it comes to sending out emails, it’s difficult to nail exactly what will lure the recipient to open it.

When it comes to crafting an eye-catching email that a sleepy-eyed customer will read on their way to work, it’s all about precision and accuracy. More specifically, we’re talking about personalisation.

The right type of email is one that holds value for your customer. As marketers, our number one job is to create the feeling of urgency and importance within the message we’re broadcasting across and personalised emails deliver exactly that whilst conveniently fitting into a neat marketing strategy.

While what exactly you deliver within your personalised emails cannot be dictated by anyone but you, if you’re in a competitive industry like the beauty or retail industry, there are a few hacks the beauty industry has discovered when it comes to getting their emails opened.

Send your message using visuals

The use of emoji in email marketing messages increased 775% from 2015 to 2016, according to MediaPost. In fact, 56% of brands using emoji in their email lines had a higher open rate than those who didn’t.

This is solid evidence of visuals being important before the customer even sees the layout. Capturing someone's interest by standing out is key when it comes to personalised email strategy. However, within the email, visuals matter too.

According to ATKearney, 65% percent of personal care and beauty consumers have non-price-related reasons for browsing a category online such as obtaining information, reading peer product review, looking for makeover ideas and seeing celebrity endorsements. This means that there is a great opportunity for marketers in the beauty industry to capture the interest of their readers by providing valuable information the customers are actively seeking out.

Provide valuable offers and worthwhile information

In the digital space, with unlimited access to information for comparison, customers are free to roam for as long as they like for the ‘right product’. However, time has grown more valuable to today’s customer. Their unwillingness to invest a lot of time into online price comparison, instead of seeking out peer reviews and straight-forward comparison opportunities, provides marketers with an opportunity to not only personalise the email to their customers’ interests but to make opening the email worthwhile.

Cult beauty brands like Glossier, have grown rapidly by establishing a trusting relationship with their audiences, offering them peer reviews within their email marketing, along with discount codes. Likewise, multinational beauty brands like Sephora are using omni-channel strategies to unite online and in-store experiences to analyse the impact of their marketing strategies, helping them personalise each experience and create better tailored and targeted offers to their customers.

Make it special

Emails that include the first name of the recipient in their subject line have a higher clickthrough rate than those that don't, according to HubSpot. Personalising your emails to the core makes them special.

By implementing strategies to track what customers with certain profiles are seeking, your business not only improves their email-opening rates but builds stronger relationships with their customers, converting browsers into loyal followers, allowing for effective retargeting. Beauty businesses take great advantage of this, since in the over-crowded space, saturated with a product for everything, it is easy to get lost and personalising the customer journey all the way to their inbox makes brands stand out.

via SuperOffice

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