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AI-driven Personalisation Makes Beauty Shopping Easier & Better

Beauty shopping and the resulting purchase of beauty and cosmetics is highly personal in a way that most other shopping experiences don’t tend to be. AI driven beauty personalisation technology allows for individualistic consumption in a way that responds to those particular needs. Truthfully, it’s difficult to conceive a world where any particular cosmetic could sell the same way as the latest trends in, for example, interiors or fashion do. This is only natural when one considers that cosmetics, as well as less showy skincare and haircare products, tend to be created to suit one particular complaint or desire, whether that’s anti-dandruff shampoo, acne cream or neon eyeshadow - none of those things are going to suit everyone. Once bought, it is also more difficult to return beauty products so customers are more incentivised to get their purchases correct the first time they make them. This can be difficult and that’s where AI driven beauty personalisation technology enters the equation - making beauty shopping an easier and friendlier experience for all.

1) AI driven beauty personalisation adds enormously to customer satisfaction with the shopping experience they partake in. AI driven beauty personalisation can establish the particular skin category and problems that the customer is experiencing, and back up visible patterns with information provided by the customer themselves. This provision of information can be part of the shopping experience for many customers. After all, how many of you have listened politely to the opinions of a well-meaning store attendant while fervently wishing you could point out that actually, since you live with your skin or hair, you have a good handle on some of the things that you’d like. Allowing the customer to provide information themselves allows a degree of autonomy that turns the beauty shopping experience into a conversation rather than a directive.

2) The remodeling of a beauty or cosmetic company’s website to allow for maximum customer ease and for customer individualism is also something that should be contemplated by cosmetics retailers and beauty companies, as a way to capitalise on the products they already have, and making sure those products are shown to the right person. AI driven beauty personalisation can help with that. In doing so, this system satisfactorily increases conversion rates and minimises the customer’s sense that they are simply being shown advertisements that benefit the company rather than engaging with a user experience that can bring them satisfaction. AI driven beauty personalisation technology is something to be experienced and improves the relationship between customer and brand.

3) AI driven beauty personalisation makes beauty shopping easier for the customer because they are exposed to the necessary products quickly and can therefore pick what they need in a much more timely manner. Furthermore, they do so with faith that what they picked will actually be a better fit for them and happy knowing that their requirements and their wishes are being taken seriously, creating a beauty shopping experience that is easy, quick and personal.

These are the overwhelming benefits of AI driven beauty personalisation technology on the beauty shopping experience.

Help make your customers' beauty shopping journey better with AI-driven personalisation, and book a demo with Beauty Matching Engine.


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