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Beauty Matching Engine™: The World’s 1st Beauty Specific Personalisation AI Software

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Beauty Matching Engine is the world’s 1st AI driven personalisation software built specifically for the beauty vertical. Many other general personalisation companies who are doing this for fashion, cars and electrical items and are now trying to break into the beauty space, but they are failing.

Why are they failing? Why do you need a beauty specific engine for the beauty industry when you can have general engines for the fashion and automobile industries?

Beauty Intelligence

Beauty Matching Engine has a vast beauty intelligence database containing information relating to everything from ingredients and allergies to climate and seasonality. Beauty intelligence is so important when giving beauty product recommendations and is a big reason why general personalisation companies are falling short.

For example, if a customer from New York is looking to buy a face cream in July, the chances are the weather is going to be hot and UV levels will be high. Therefore Beauty Matching Engine’s AI software will know to recommend that customer face creams with SPF in it. Another example could be a customer who has expressed ‘dull skin’ and ‘premature aging’ as two of their concerns. The beauty intelligence built within Beauty Matching Engine will know that products containing Vitamin C (which helps to brighten dull skin and target the signs of aging) could be a potential match for that customer. Without beauty intelligence it would be extremely hard to give accurate recommendations that customers trust.

Interested in Beauty Specific AI and personalisation for your beauty company? By using our Beauty Specific AI technology we can help you optimise and increase conversion rates by 30-300%. Our Beauty Specific AI technology is automated and is always learning what is or isn’t working, helping you to continuously improve your conversion rates while giving you real time insights and results.

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