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Beauty Tech Trends For 2019

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

BeautyTech gained a lot of attention during 2018 across all regions of the world and we've seen companies like Modiface being acquired by the L’Oreal Group and Estee Lauder Companies collaborating with Google.

The beauty industry is still very far behind the rest of the retail world when it comes to advancements in innovation and technology, and at Beauty Matching Engine we believe that 2019 will be the year that AI and Personalisation heads into the mainstream.

So lets have a look at what we predict to be the biggest Beaut tech trends for 2019.

Personalisation & Individualisation

A word we will see a lot more of in retail in 2019 is individualisation, especially in beauty industry. Beauty Matching Engine’s technological capabilities enables us to provide consumers with hyper personalised product recommendations based on their individual beauty concerns & also variables such as location, climate, ingredients and allergies. This is something that will drive the industry forward in 2019.

Problems scaling single-channel solutions

The biggest problem many retailers and brands face when trying to implement their own personalisation software is that the solution is only built for one channel. They may have a great idea for an app or an in store device, but neither can be linked up together cohesively.

Beauty Matching Engine doesn’t have that problem. Our technology can be used across all platforms from in store and online to email, app and social media chatbot. Making your personalisation software consistent across all channels is the only way of seeing the best results as it increases consumer trust.

Instant results

All businesses want to increase their sales, right? Well, general personalisation softwares take time to increase sales as they have to spend a couple of months collecting enough data to then start making the necessary changes needed.

Beauty Matching Engine can be seen to increase sales almost immediately as we don’t need to spend a long period of time collecting data. We already have our own database and also use competitor and industry data to enable companies to start seeing improvements immediately.

A long-term solution

Building one-off, gimmicky solutions is a complete waste of time and money. If your solution isn’t something that your customers can trust or want to use, or doesn’t deliver long-term, tangible results, then what’s the point?

At Beauty Matching Engine we believe in giving brands and retailers a solution that they can use forever. Each company is different and therefore want or require different features, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer an individualised service and letting the client slice and dice which parts of our solution they want.

Want to find out more about how Beauty Matching Engine can help your beauty business increase sales, conversion rates and AoV almost instantly and give you long-term results? Book a free demo with us today!


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