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+ 400%

Increase in Sales conversion rates

+ 50%

Increase in average order value

The French Pharmacy offers the best of skincare and beauty, carefully chosen and curated by founder Dr Marine Vincent, a certified doctor in pharmacy.

The Challenge

The French Pharmacy is a business which cares deeply about its customers and as a Pharmacy has to provide its customers with the most effective and accurate recommendations. For this reason, it is crucial for The French Pharmacy to provide their customers with the right products on every occasion without them having to waste time and money buying the wrong products, especially those that might create a skin or hair reaction. 

In order to do this, they needed a solution which would take into account ingredients, seasonality, competitor data, skin, body and hair concerns, as well as a lot more, when offering personalised suggestions to their customers. 

Also given COVID, they wanted to offer a 24/7 hour solution online, a Virtual Beauty Assistant to be able to provide Pharmacy grade beauty product recommendations to not lose customer trust and


The other challenge was that The French Pharmacy did not have a technical team so they needed a super easy plugin solution which did not require a big team of developers to implement.

The Solution

Beauty Matching Engine built a real time Virtual Beauty Assistant for The French Pharmacy to use. 


To begin with, BME analysed all the products (and the ingredients they contained) to create a solution for skin, body and hair problems. We created the questions, the designs and all the permutations possible. The customer’s match score was also added alongside bullet points explaining to the customer why the matched products were compatible with their needs.


By using AI, the program is continuously able to update the best selling and matching products for the customer all whilst removing any products already out of stock. This service has now been expanded to all three beauty categories: Skincare, Body and Hair.


Once the Virtual Beauty Assistant was implemented the website was also personalised and optimised including the menu and and product listing page personalisation.

We built a solution which automatically updates the prices, the products available, new product launches and no configuration had to be done by the client. They simply had to use a Javascript plugin, which takes less than an hour to plug in to their website, whilst requiring no technical skills.


All of this provided the results below. The French Pharmacy were so happy with their results that they decided to renew their contract with Beauty Matching Engine™.

The Results

Increase in Sales conversion rates

+ 400%
+ 50%

Increase in average order value

>> Sales conversion rate increased from 2% to an unprecedented 8% <<


Being a Pharmacist, I wanted to find a solution for my online store that can be as close as possible to my in store recommendations. Furthermore, being a busy entrepreneur, I didn't have time or the technical skills for setting up a tool myself. 


With Beauty Matching Engine™, I have found the perfect beauty personalisation solution for my website and a digital beauty consultant solution to match my in store recommendations as close as possible online. The tailor made technology was super quick and easy to implement, needing only a couple of hours from my side and we have already seen a 50% increase in AoV a 400% increase in conversion rates to sales. " 

-    Marie Vincent, CEO

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