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BeautyTech Dinner by Beauty Matching Engine with keynote speaker Head of Data at L'Oreal

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

In our recent posts, we have emphasised the importance data and high-tech solutions such as AI are having in the retail industry for beauty brands and retailers. With an extensive range of choice on line and off line, customers feel overwhelmed and look for brands and retailers which are able to predict their current needs and provide them with a more customised and narrowed down product offering. In order for beauty brands and retailers to meet these demands, continuously leveraging and analysing data related to consumer behaviour is essential to achieve competitive advantage.

This is why, we are pleased to announce BME will be hosting a private BeautyTech dinner in central London with keynote speaker the Head of Data at L'Oreal on the topic: "How to Harness The Power of Data for Higher ROI in Beauty". This is a theme that is currently the main focus for marketers in the beauty industry who are setting data-driven marketing strategies to enhance the customer experience. The dinner will not only manage to compare visions regarding the power of data among the key players, but will also contribute to innovating openly in the beauty industry. Each beauty company will collaborate and at the same time take rich insights to be implemented within their organisation.

Several of the most important players in the beauty industry will be joining us, such as Benefit Cosmetics, Aveda, Feeunique, Holland and Barrett, Direct Cosmeitcs, Green People, Amazon, Rodial group, M&S and more. Each of the representatives from every company will be sharing their views on how data plays a key role in enabling to personalise their user experience while building brand loyalty and increasing ROI. The beauty brands and retailers will also share their priorities regarding on how to use and leverage data to achieve a customer- oriented business model .

We will be back to share the main insights discussed, so stay tuned!


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