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How Youtube Is Using Beauty Tech To Increase Conversion Rates

In the footsteps of Amazon and Facebook, Google has explored implementing AI on their various platforms and their most recent exploration has been within beauty tech.

If you’re a beauty biz geek, you may have heard that Youtube is working on implementing their first virtual reality tool, allowing customers to virtually ‘try-on’ beauty products alongside their favourite beauty gurus.

What they are introducing for their beauty corner is in fact not just machine learning but augmented reality. This means that users will now be able to experience the tutorials they watch online by simultaneously trying on the products being featured using the new beauty technology called AR Beauty Try-On.

Google has revealed that this technology is currently in alpha testing. Having tested the experience earlier in the year they found that 30% of the viewers activated their AR experiences in the Youtube app. They saw this as a positive response, prompting MAC Cosmetics to be the first company to partner with Youtube as they launch their new beauty technology.

This is a positive sign that awareness about beauty tech is on the rise. It is also a sign of the path that companies are now choosing to take with their investments, prioritising personalising the customer experience to improve sales and conversion rates, confirming once again the direction the digital market is heading.

Other companies like YouCam have been famous for introducing the concept of ‘digital product sampling’, allowing users to try on looks and alter their initial facial features to look a certain way. The most popular example of this has been Snapchat, who utilised AI technology to create one of the most trending social media apps.

As personalisation and artificial intelligence improve, companies are leveraging the opportunity to create bespoke experiences for their customers and Youtube is certainly hopping on that bandwagon and we’re excited to see what’s next for them!

If you’re curious to find out more about how beauty-specific AI can improve your sales and conversion rates, book a demo with us today!


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