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Why Personalisation Should Be The Next Big Thing For Your Business

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Over the last couple of years it’s become more and more apparent that consumers are looking for personalised experience when it comes to shopping for beauty products, due to biased advice from beauticians who work for specific brands and website filters not fulfilling demands, therefore leaving customers dissatisfied.

Personalisation is an important element to consider when trying to increase conversion rates and average order value. In order to personalise the consumer journey throughout you need an understanding of your consumers lifestyle, preferences and personal ethics of purchasing.

These crucial data points are what Beauty Matching Engine™ captures in order to help brands and retailers put their customers needs and wants first. Our Beauty Matching Engine™ is formed from over 4 years of historical data and 14 million big data points collected from each unique consumer profile, along with artificial, beauty and competitor intelligence, making our matching engine the most powerful for beauty.

Our solution allows us to map products by consumer requirements and allows us to tailor each beauty product recommendation to each individual consumer profile. Our engine can give the ‘human touch’ to your consumer’s journey when they are shopping for beauty online. By enhancing the personalisation of their experience, you are guaranteed to increase your revenue whilst also improving customer satisfaction.

Personalisation will help to inspire your consumers to try new products and different brands. With regular, personalised beauty emails and their own personalised homepage, your consumer will be dazzled by the array of options they never knew they had before.

If you are interested in finding out more, book a DEMO and start increasing your revenue today.


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