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The Trends You Can't Ignore In 2018

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

As Michael Ward of Harrods put it: 'It’s no secret that the beauty industry is rapidly on its way to becoming the most disrupted sector by millenials,' from changes in the way consumers can purchase beauty products to personalisation apps, there’s a lot to be discussed.

Beauty Matching Engine™ attended the M20/20 FUTR in London to investigate the trends you can’t ignore in 2018.

Has AI got what it takes?

Artificial intelligence, collective intelligence and machine learning are currently making a huge gap in the market, between those who learn through technology and those who are producing it.

‘We are entering the next period of retail revolution data which will be at the forefront of the industry and very tech driven. If you personalise a customers experience they will buy more which is why it is good to use, however technology needs to become invisible to make sure the experience fits in within the customer expectation,' says Jonathan Hamond Global Marketing Director at Unilever.

Beauty Matching Engine™ is dedicated to capturing the forefront of this by providing data driven insights and proprietary technology, to track behavioral data from all beauty categories across 4,000 brands, 300,000 products and 150 retailers. This trend is just one example which is set to pave the way for capitalising on trusted beauty recommendations, brand equity, average order value and conversion rates.

The omnichannel experience

There are now more ways than ever before for consumers to make purchases, with an omnichannel experience proving to be a popular trend that’s expanding by the minute and making retail more accessible.

Bricks and mortar, social media chatbots and emails options are available at hand with Beauty Matching Engine™, with each of these touch points offering a more personalised interactive shopping experience which is a key element to nailing consumer needs.

Are you offering this to your consumers, if not what are you waiting for?

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