The Recommendation Engine
for Beauty Products
Apply Beauty-specific AI to personalise and predict EVERY customer touch point. Enhance your shopper's experience with 1 to 1 Beauty Matches™ and drive revenue.

Power recommendations with automated beauty tags 

  • BME automatically extracts and creates accurate tags

  • BME applies market intelligence to avoid cold start problems for your new customers

Based on ingredients, concerns, texture, and more to increase revenue and experience

Solution 1: Complete Personalisation Suite

Personalised product, checkout and homepages

Personalised add to basket pages

Personalised navigation


Solution 2

Virtual Beauty Assistant

  • Show product match scores to boost confidence

  • Highlight benefits tailored to each customer

  • Improve Customer Experience and eliminate choice paralysis


Solution 3

  • Create friction free shopping, especially on mobile

  • Automatically recommend colour matched product upsells based on the colour selected

Personalised Autoselected
Colour Matches


Solution 4

Add Social Proof

Convert reluctant customers into shoppers by showing them how many other people have shown interest in the same product

Key Capabilities

Standard: £100pm + 5% commission on sales generated

Enterprise clients: for fixed fees please get in touch


Simple Pricing

No AB tests required. BME machine learns the best Beauty Matches™

Automated segmentation and rule building

Automated product tagging

Fully Automated

Copy paste our javascript code and send us your product feed and that is it


5 minutes plugin. Google Tag Manager friendly

Platform and country agnostic

Easy Integration

Trusted by


Increase sales conversion rates

by 30 - 160%

Improve newsletter open rates up to 45%

Increase AOV

from 25 - 115%

# of retailers it's working on
# of brands it's working on
21.1 million
# of personalised product recommendations made

Retail Week Awards Finalist for Customer Experience 2020

Consumer needs will be met more strategically than ever before with the use of AI in beauty

Winner Best Use of Data/AI for Customer Experience

The personalization and machine learning technology has created the most powerful Beauty Matching Engine available.

Screenshot 2019-12-18 at 09.42.09.png

Beauty Matching Engine™ has helped us enable customers to navigate our product selection and boost self-service where they might otherwise rely on 1 to 1 contact with our team. While we know customers seek out and enjoy the help of our makeup artists, we recognise that people often prefer the convenience and speed of self-service.


Beauty Matching Engine™ has been invaluable in personalising our website across a number of touch-points, which has also been key in driving incremental conversion and revenue. While implementation was quick and straight-forward, we recognise the depth and scope of the platform and look forward to further exploring how we can leverage BME’s data across our customer marketing.

Rupert Samuel

Head Of E-commerce at By Terry

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