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5 Ways To Grow Your Beauty Business Using AI

It’s no secret that all customers love feeling loved. The online experience is becoming more and more customer-centric, from greeting us using our first names in emails to providing us with quizzes, and recommending what is best for us. It is becoming significantly easier for marketers to give their customers that warm welcome they would feel walking into a shop.

The important of creating a personal connection with your target audience has also proven time and time again that it sells. Connection and personalisation and that ‘loved’ feeling customers get from brands, really does sell.

The problem with customisation and creating that ‘unique’ experience for your customer is simply the manual work that it takes. Whilst MailChimp will fill in the first name of the recipient for you and your customers can use filters on websites to narrow down their search, it’s simply not enough to convert a customer into a loyal follower.

That’s why, according to Forbes, 64% of marketers are relying on AI technology and machine learning to deliver more precisely targeted content. It is also the reason why big retailers and brands like L’oreal are leveraging these complex tools to improve customer retention and increase conversion rates.

The benefits of improving this connection through highly targeted and personalised content is that every aspect of the shopping experience becomes about the customer. It aims to make buying more intuitive, resulting in higher sales, allowing brands to leverage more opportunities to stay competitive.

However, not only big brands like L’oreal are using AI. Many start-ups and small brands are using machine learning technology to grow their businesses on much smaller budgets. These smaller brands are taking full advantage of machine learning and growing their beauty businesses more effectively, here’s 5 ways how:

Identifying trends to stay competitive

AI technology is like the best spreadsheet you will ever make, minus all the admin. The precious part of AI technology is that it collects, analyses and highlights data that is important to marketers when making decisions. Through the continuous collection of data, machine learning can easily foresee and optimise for upcoming trends in beauty, creating opportunity for small businesses to stay on top of the game all the time.

Automating customisation tasks

Creating that loved feeling customers treasure deep down is a wonderful gift that never runs out, given that you invest time into it. By eliminating the ironically mundane and repetitive task of customisation and data tracking, AI technology saves companies their time, money and improves motivation levels of everyone working behind the scenes.

Save money on research

By collecting data and analysing it, it is easier to detect your target audience and predict how it is best to retarget this data back towards them, allowing you to make smarter decisions without pouring endless money into research and/or development of products.

Validate decisions

With a more thorough understanding of your target audience, making decisions becomes easier. By seeing the data of how customers are interacting with your products, it eliminates action plan risks, making what once was a high-risk decision, a low-risk one.

If you are looking to leverage personalisation for your customers’ online shopping experiences, book a demo with us today!


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