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An Anatomy Of The Perfect Online Shopping Experience

Many businesses are beginning to realise that the potential has shifted into digital and what used to rely on the shopping assistant's approachability and your physical store location is now all reliant on how clickable your brand is and how searchable you are. As digital presence is on the rise, it also highlights the importance of optimising the e-shopping experience for your customers to create a more inclusive environment which cultivates loyal customers and higher conversion rates.

Amidst this, it is important to knowledge our perspectives as retailers and sales people have to change. There is no longer one version sells to all. The rise of digital has given customers not only the access to unlimited information about products, your competitors and alternatives, it has also given your customers the need for everything at this very moment. The mindset of the consumer has changed and here are a few ways in which you should be changing your approach to selling online to improve your conversion rates.

Load it quick

When it comes to web speed, we are no longer in 2007, the time when waiting for a browser to open was the norm. Nowadays, customers expect instant ease of access. This means saying goodbye to the three different pop-ups asking the customer for every piece of information, and instead, just letting the site load.

In fact, the need for faster consumption should be turned into your sales tactic, taking it as an advantage and making your site as light as possible to create a seamless and light browsing experience to improve the ways in which your customer can be engaging with your brand whilst browsing the website instead!

Easy + navigable UX/UI

In an age of fast consumption, your website's UI needs to be as intuitive as possible allowing the customer instant access to not only the products you’re featuring but using simple language, navigating them to the end goal: the check-out.

Another tactic quite useful for improving the digital shopping experience is the way you build trust with your customer. Just like in real life, offering a piece of your own trust provokes theirs. This is why some businesses are operating on a business model based around allowing the customers to test out products and return them if the customer does not like it. This builds trust without the customer having to risk anything by engaging with your brand.

Consistent branding

Today, companies are using omni-channels to increase their conversion rates and improve their marketing tactics. However, to effectively take advantage of these tools and options in the digital world, your customer needs to know who you are and what you can give them.

Whilst it may sound like a lot of work, consistent branding is easy to do and lifts a lot of weight off your shoulders. By creating a cohesive experience for your customer using omni-channels, you can improve your businesses recognition and long-term sales.

Recreate the eager sales assistant

Implementing AI through bots and data analysis is the number one thing you should be doing for your business digitally. By implementing machine learning tools, you can analyse data from your customers’ activity and retarget your customers, discovering trends in activity and identifying methods to increase conversion rates and improve the overall customer experience, which will ultimately be unique to your target audience.

Additionally, offering personalisation tools such as personalised landing pages or optional questionnaires on your website, creates that loved feeling the customer would feel in an ordinary brick-and-mortar store.

Introducing tools such as bots, quizzes and personalised landing pages is the equivalent of the eager salesperson who would greet you in a store and recommend what’s best based on you and on what sells.

Book a demo with us today to see how you can begin on your personalisation path by introducing beauty-specific, AI-driven personalisation into your business strategy.


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