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Using Personalisation To Stay Relevant In The Digital Age

It is difficult to argue against those who believe that the modern day shopping experience is no longer for bricks, but instead for clicks. With our childhood favourites like Toys R Us and our grocery go-to's like Marks & Spencer closing off branches nationally, it seems as though we are going through a retailers' apocalypse.

Whilst it is true that many businesses are beginning to realise that there is a steeper potential for fast growth within digital, more specifically within digital personalisation technologies that allow this type of growth; many stores are continuing to stay relevant without a significant digital presence, by introducing the same AI-driven, digital sales tools in their stores.

In fact, 88% of marketers say they’ve seen a measurable improvement in their businesses after implementing customer personalisation tactics. So, how exactly does one stay relevant, on the ground AND implement bespoke AI digital technologies in-store?

Taking advantage of UGC (User-Generated Content)

The best aspect of digital is the abundance of information, content and experiences we are able to exchange every second with anyone in the world. Many businesses, especially bespoke beauty businesses, are hacking growth by using user-generated content, ie. pictures featuring products, users' reviews & experiences, to personalise the customer experience in-store.

In fact, research done by BrightLocal shows that 91 percent of people regularly read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Therefore, by developing massively targeted campaigns based on UGC whilst offering personalised recommendations to customers in-store, marketers are playing off their customers' inclination towards a digital experience, only in-person!

Offer immediate support

Whilst, taking advantage of chat bots and automated response systems can be a massive bonus when it comes to digitally interacting with the customer, it doesn't have to remain digital.

The amount of times we have walked into stores ourselves, having to wait for someone to be free to offer help, could have been reduced simply if the stores had digital fronts offering this type of on-demand support.

Digitising your store through the introduction of iPads, QR codes, integrated mobile-experiences like store apps/websites and and interactive stands will improve the connection your customers are able to have with your store.

More than 50% of shoppers say that seeing in-store devices and the store associates using these mobile devices, increases their confidence that store employees will provide knowledgeable assistance and prompt service.

Potentially introducing digital stands featuring quizzes to suggest personalised recommendations or offering free wifi once the customer takes the quiz will not only give you information about what type of customers visit your store but will also help you understand how your customer interacts with your store in terms of duration of stay and interests in recommendations, whilst providing them with that on-demand assistance they would receive in a digital store.

To find out more about introducing AI-driven technology into your store or how to utilise personalisation tools offline and online, book a demo with us today!


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