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4 Ways To Implement Personalisation Into Your Marketing Strategy

It is undeniable that personalisation is the future of your marketing strategy. As companies are amping up every aspect of the user experience by offering personalised quizzes and creating bespoke formulations to match their customers' needs; brands are building their strategy around their customers and it is setting a higher bar for digital marketers in the beauty industry.

Spoiling customers by making them feel unique is more important than ever, especially in the beauty industry, hence beginning to implement the right tools now, will help you reach more targeted audiences and improve your conversion rates. Here are our top 4 tips on how to personalise your marketing strategy to achieve these results.

Implement the right tools

Implementing the right tools means taking advantage of the technology that is available out there today. According to the beauty-specific personalisation tool, Beauty Matching Engine, using data technology can increase conversion rates 25-50%.

That’s a significant percentage and implementing data technology to see that bump in numbers is pretty straight forward. Companies like Beauty Matching Engine™ help brands and retailers personalise using AI-driven data tools, leaving the mundane tasks of collecting relevant data in the hands of machine learning, helping brands and retailers utilise their data more effectively, guiding them through what’s relevant within the data.

Use personas to segment your email database

According to Emarketer, 39% of marketers who segment their email lists see better open rates and 28% see better email deliverability and earn more revenue.

It is a fact that no one has just one type of customer, so through segmenting your email database allows you to send more personalised and targeted emails with content that each audience type is more likely to engage with, reducing its likelihood of ending up in the spam folder. By implementing the right data collection tools, you are able to determine the types of material your customers want to see more.

Target content on social media

Social media is one of the best places to reach most audiences these days. Thanks to more than 2.38 billion active monthly users and in-depth targeting features on channels like Facebook, social media is a goldmine when it comes to finding and driving more traffic to your business.

The key to hacking this goldmine is having the right approach to content creation. There are two main steps to achieving the ‘right approach’, which are: writing accessible and targeted content.

Aim to produce content that matters to your audiences. We say ‘audiences’ because you should be writing individualised content, targeting it through organic reach. Implementing these simple steps will help you reach wider audiences, whilst retaining more loyal customers in the long-term.

Set up personalised landing pages

Personalised landing pages, or profile-based landing pages, are essentially micro-sites with detailed information tied to a certain campaign which is more likely to appeal to the type of customer profile viewing the site.

According to Insightera, profile-based marketing aimed at niche audiences converts four times more traffic than generic marketing towards wider audiences. It converts higher because it adds that extra touch of personalisation, creating an individual experience for every customer.

To sum it all up

Personalisation can be automated and should be data-driven. If you’re keen to find out how you can implement data-driven personalisation technology to get ahead of your competitors, book a demo with us today.


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